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Towards Sustainable Practices

Upholding Human Rights and Combatting Forced Labor

At the heart of our values lies a steadfast commitment to the eradication of forced labor in all its forms. Linkage stands resolutely against the exploitation of individuals for economic gain, recognizing that forced labor not only violates fundamental human rights but also undermines the very fabric of ethical and just societies. In today's interconnected world, the scourge of forced labor persists in various industries, often hidden behind complex supply chains and obscured by layers of subcontracting. Whether it's the production of garments, electronics, or agricultural products, vulnerable individuals, including migrant workers and marginalized communities, are frequently subjected to coercion, deception, and abuse. At our core, we believe that every individual deserves to work in conditions that uphold their dignity, rights, and well-being. We reject any form of coercion or exploitation that deprives individuals of their freedom and autonomy. Instead, we advocate for transparency, accountability, and responsible business practices throughout the supply chain, from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing and distribution. By championing anti-forced labor initiatives, we strive to create a world where human rights are upheld, where workers are empowered, and where businesses operate with integrity and compassion.

Forced Labour In Supply Chains