Throughout our group history, our systems and processes have defined us. Linkage is organized to satisfy the demands of our portfolio of high-reliability customers.

  • Our PCB supply partners are certifiably world class performers.
  • Our quality systems were established within the confines of one of the top PCB manufacturers in the world.
  • Our ambitious information system plan will set us apart from our competition.

Supplier Sourcing & Management

Linkage has a proven model for managing its supplier partners. From the moment they are engaged, they respect our process for engaging and evaluating their facilities:

  • Our audit format is often copied by our customers.
  • Through our mandated Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs), we give our partners regular detailed feedback.
  • Our Partners realize that the “Linkage Standard” exceeds base industry and IPC standards.
  • The end result has been a historically very low rate of customer returns and quality escapes.

Engineering: Roadmap To Success

Our Front-End Engineering process is a game changer for customers.

  • Our accurate and detailed Engineering Qualification (EQ) process prevents ”unforced errors” in manufacturing.
  • Fully engaged customers approve manufacturing data before all orders go to the shop floor
  • We maintain a detailed customer profile to ensure their own unique requirements and specifications are followed on every order

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